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Seaside Landscape
A Xeno Dream made tree with some terrain created using FM metamorphs.
Dawn in the Xeno World
3D Xeno Dream scene. Remarkable is the parsimony of colors and the realistic sky.
Southern Cross Hotel
This mysterious surreal building has been created using Xeno Dream fractal generator and the texture generator add-on. It is part of the growing "Architecture" series.
Stone Fingers
This quite alien looking tree is composed by crystals with some FB stone textures.
Desert Flowers
Typical Xeno Dream fractal shape placed on FB stone like terrain
Pipe Tower
A symmetric fractal model.
Long Way Home
Fantasy landscape created with Xeno Dream fractal generator
Cold Autumn Sunday
This fantasy landscape looks like a fairy tale illustration, but in the same time it reminds me on the same famous song of Mr.Ken Hensley.
Road to the Misty Future
This Xeno Dream scene was supposed to be quite surreal.
Xenoscape (2)
The shapes on this picture were first results of experimenting with iterated metamorphs in an beta version of Xeno Dream. They became interesting enough to be presented in the "Dreamscapes" collection.
The Easy Road
Indeed, this picture has been inspired by a photograph of the Tower Bridge in London. But it belonds to rhe Xeno-world actually.
Cloudy Mountain Top
Fractal model + a FB stone terrain
One of the most realistic Xeno Dream constructions with a beautiful sunset in the background.
City in the Sand (2)
A complex fractal construction composed by cubes and half-spheres
Desert City
A city of pyramids and metamorphed shperes.
Golden Sky
A japanese looking building with some surreal flora around
Age of the Stone
Metamorphed pyramids over a fractal background. This became one of the Xeno Dream classics.
Leaden Balloon
Earlly XD surreal work. Some experimenting with sky texture creation.
City of Ants
A kind of anti-utopia sci-fi picture from the early Xeno Dream period.
A Xeno Dream composition, which represents a post-industrial type of landscape.